National Association of Asian American Professionals
NAAAP Boston is a non-profit organization whose goal is to support and promote skills and values of leadership in the local asian-american professional community. I designed the event materials for NAAAP Boston's 3rd annual Leadership Forum. A 32-page program book, vertical banners, and signage helped to brand the event and provide a memorable environment for attendees.
I created a new flag deisgn for the cover of the program book. It is now part of the visual vocabulary of the Leadership Forum program. The Boston Skyline graphic, used here on the back cover, originally created for the inaugural Leadership Forum, has become a symbol for NAAAP Boston and has been adopted to NAAAP Boston's other events.
Complimentary totes were created to commemorate the event and to acknowledge NAAAP Boston's corporate sponsors and partners. This extended the brand throughout the venue and surrounding neighborhoods and businesses as attendees carried their bags through the hotel and to area shops and restaurants during breaks.
An updated brochure was also created to promote NAAAP Boston for this event. The copy and graphics were revised--simplified and tightened up to focus the organization's message.
T-shirt design for NAAAP Boston's dragonboat rowing team, the "NAAAP BOSTON TYPHOONS"
Custom T-shirt design for NAAAP Boston's Dragon Boat team, The "NAAAP Boston Typhoons," 2-color front, 1-color sleeve and back graphics.
A new logo system adapted by NAAAP needed to be implemented across all areas of the organization's public presence. This presented the opportunity to create a new visual vocabulary that would lead to a complete system which can be implemented across a range of different media components in a rational, integrated way. The initial implementation is a series of event banners. The banners will be used for group gatherings, conventions, job fairs, and other official NAAAP events, so they needed to stand out in a busy environment. The design was created to address several key concerns: Express, with clarity and forcefulness, spirit of the organization, provide a refined yet compelling landmark for event attendees, and tie the organization's identity with the distinct local community in an elegant and understated way.
Program Book for First Annual Leadership Forum. Cover and interior design and layout.
Lunar New Year Gala
Lecturn signage for keynote speaker.
Invitation design
Noir-style invitation design for an awards dinner.
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